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lineox-kun 1 year ago #26635 Reply
good doujin... i like it.
Per 12 months ago #62161 Reply
Am i the only one around here
Who doesn't like Sayaka that much?
bulalord!! 10 months ago #88134 Reply
great~~ so great!! i love full color doujins with many pages~~ and the last part was funny~~!!
Wolfen1976 6 months ago #148654 Reply
Very nicely drawn, but the stories were awfully short.
Arutha103 5 months ago #169075 Reply
>>62161 @ Per
Sayaka was designed to be hated from the very start, you are having the correct reaction.
Twaifu 1 month ago #200969 Reply
B-but I <3 Sayaka ._. and I really really really hate Naegi. Seriously, the guy might as well be the "Super duper high school main character" ;p

<3 kyoko