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Anonymous 1 year ago #6595 Reply
So...beautiful T^T
420jesus 1 year ago #6596 Reply
What a nice story :')
HolyXerxus 1 year ago #6605 Reply
Very old...yet never fail to amuse me
hiroyoki 1 year ago #6611 Reply
After rape the all schooler and commit sucide that is best life i have ever seen
Dante 1 year ago #6613 Reply
I was fapping at first, but the "Feel" get the good of me. Damn those feel :'>
'~' 1 year ago #6615 Reply
Cark-san 1 year ago #6618 Reply
A Classic Loli Story!
Cark-san 1 year ago #6625 Reply
>>6611 @ hiroyoki
But Akai is telling the story, it seems that survived
x99919 1 year ago #6638 Reply
trinityk7s 1 year ago #6639 Reply
This is just sad...
Some Buddy 1 year ago #6647 Reply
so creepy...still enjoyed:D
Altona 1 year ago #6652 Reply
Twisted friendship =.=
P4Nd0Ra 1 year ago #6653 Reply
This is supposed to be horrible but... the tears... they're not stopping... Q.Q
Cark-san 1 year ago #6721 Reply
>>6699 @ Anonymous
No, you are the gay for not understand the story
Edgey 1 year ago #6727 Reply
Fucking edgy
Huh. That was really bittersweet. Damn. I wonder how long they were able to get away with it before they go arrested...

Fuck Im startig to feel bad for pedophiles :(
Cark-san 1 year ago #6730 Reply
>>6728 @ MrsOmnomnomers
Never do that
SexySentinel 1 year ago #6765 Reply
Absolutely creepy
ryushi~ 1 year ago #6825 Reply
seriusly disturbing.....
raping kiddy and closed it like a beutiful friendship
Cark-san 1 year ago #6836 Reply
Anonymous 1 year ago #6862 Reply
That might be the most fucked up thing I've ever seen in my life. Honestly I don't know what made me keep reading. I was hoping for some kind of karma backlash or something. In most stories where the bad guy wins its at least about some kinda fantasy where who wins or loses doesn't really matter. But in this one, them winning shows the true nature of evil. It's self Propagating, it corrupts and it destroys. Yeah that might be kinda deep for a fucking hentai site but still.... I don't usually write comments but I felt I really had to on this one. I'm not trying to badmouth the people who read this or the people who wrote this whatever. I'm just saying that what I just read was really fucked up And I think that I'm open to my opinion as much as anyone else who wants to say that I'm a fucking asshole.
>>6825 @ ryushi~
How disturbing it is is what makes the friendship so beautiful

Like if they were just two guys that were connected by playing baseball or something it would just be kinda gay

But they were connected by their inherent fucked-up-ness and pedophilia. By the fact that they would never fit in with normal society but could at least ride down the rode to Hell together

And if that isn't beautiful in its own twisted way I don't know what is
>>6862 @ Anonymous
I disagree because let's be real while the author didnt show them getting arrested there's no way they got away with it for very long. They never even covered their faces while raping the girls. Nor their license plate.

I'd guess the reason the author "let them get away with it" is because the story was focusing on the two pedophiles relationship and showing them going to jail wouldn't leave you with that punch-in-your-gut feeling? The last thing you'd remember wouldn't be "what a twisted friendship" it'd be "hell yeah that's what you GET you sick pervs"

Plus this author already has another pedophile go to jail as the conclusion/climax of another story (it's called love is blind. Read that if you want to see "justice served") Perhaps they didnt want to seem unoriginal by having this ending the same way

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying this isnt fuck up and you can still hate this if you want just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents.
Cark-san 1 year ago #6900 Reply
>>6871 @ MrsOmnomnomers
Uploaded by me too :)
Anonymous 1 year ago #6917 Reply
>>6862 @ Anonymous
you must not read much guro. i'd rate this a strong 6 on the fucked up scale. i've seen some shit.
ForTheLewds 1 year ago #7020 Reply
They just like Bangbus, but picking lolis
Joan of Meow 1 year ago #7032 Reply
..... that was.... mentally suck and disgusting... Loli theme is ok but this... I think i need to puke
superdry 1 year ago #7082 Reply
Anonymous 1 year ago #7134 Reply
The fuck
Thunder 1 year ago #7202 Reply
Wow, this was really good. It had a mixture of Lolis, NTR and Feels.
LPMeKapong 1 year ago #7289 Reply
R.I.P. Friend.
Joan Of Meow 1 year ago #7295 Reply
>>6862 @ Anonymous
No man you are absolutely right this one is really disgusting and too overly show. Because of this many people will judge Loli's theme in the wrong way...I just hope this will never happen in the real world.
Fenris_sama 1 year ago #7553 Reply
ummm...good for them........I guess?
Cark-san 1 year ago #7618 Reply
Yeah, is a sad but very good story
TeOLe0 1 year ago #7668 Reply
The lesson here: Never do it, what happens in Hentai world stays in Hentai world only, seriously guys!
P/s: so I gonna kill myself after this, I think i have a crush on my grandmother's sister's grand daughter - and she is 5...yeah, F*** me!
WTF 1 year ago #7691 Reply
>>7668 @ TeOLe0
Are you serious?
Anonymous 1 year ago #7753 Reply
right in the feels this ending.
Anonymous 1 year ago #8138 Reply
very good
Dark fire 1 year ago #8286 Reply
Thunder 1 year ago #8455 Reply
It's supposed to be fucked up.
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Anonymous 1 year ago #9164 Reply
I don't sympathize with the protagonists, as I don't with all "realistic" loli/shota stories. They're child molesting rapists who took their loli fetishes too far.
Anonymous 1 year ago #9554 Reply
I haven't read it and I won't I don't get why are there so many lolicons and creeps? 1st place is a girl being knocked by a dog and 2nd place this... I approve the 3rd place though :3 I like big sisters most :3
Cark-san 1 year ago #9592 Reply
>>9554 @ Anonymous
tastes are tastes
Anonymous 1 year ago #9983 Reply
>>9592 @ Cark-san
True Story :D
badak keren 1 year ago #10234 Reply
Cark-san 1 year ago #10929 Reply
>>10927 @ Viiiiiii
You are in the wrong site
Anonymous 1 year ago #12236 Reply
*spoiler* Sooo, in the end they committed suicide with "self gas poisoning"? I mean, with the tape on all the cars door gap in the last page?
Cark-san 1 year ago #12332 Reply
>>12236 @ Anonymous
Yeah, but probably only the fat guy died because Akai is telling the story in the jail
Anonymous 1 year ago #16819 Reply
You made ma cum and feel!
Anonymous 1 year ago #17091 Reply
>>16955 @ WiChZii
No, they died like treu friends
Cark-san 1 year ago #17092 Reply
True* friends, and like true lolicons
Anonymous 1 year ago #17466 Reply
Nice story, poor girls though...
Anonymous 12 months ago #17917 Reply
It's always amusing when hentai manages to make something horrible and disturbing sweet.
Thunder 11 months ago #22002 Reply
This is like my 5th fap and my 5th feel fest. Such a great doujinshi, definitely my favorite.
redroses 11 months ago #22987 Reply
aside from the immoral part,, it was good story
tlite 11 months ago #23938 Reply
Probably the best loli doujin I've ever read in a long run. X3
Anonymous 11 months ago #25380 Reply
this didn't make a single ounce of sense....
PENIS is HARD 10 months ago #26270 Reply
I think I could speak for everyone else here, I know we are sick fucks for reading this and getting turned on by this somehow, but I'm pretty sure as I like Loli we could never do this in 3D, Its just sick and feel really bad for the girls, the real factor that gets us turned on somehow is the cute animation, we read , enjoy Loli manga but putting it and thinking about it in real situation of hurting a girl I think its really way impossible, well if you're really sick fuck I think and I hope everyone whose reading "loli manga" felt the same way as I do. Its kinda sad if other people find out we like this kind of stuff we are labelled as pedos (which is the case since this are underage girls 2D or 3D- dont try to fucking change the truth) the anime factor is the only thing that interests us. so does that mean were different kinds of pedo? the kind hearted ones?
Anonymous 10 months ago #26569 Reply
>>26270 @ PENIS is HARD
Nope, you are not pedophile unless you find real girls arousing. Being labelled by people, based on their ignorance, doesn't make you one of them. Anyway from what you wrote, it seems you think "real" pedophiles are not kind hearted, why is that? There is nothing bad on being pedophile and it absolutely doesn't mean you are rapist or any kind of offender. Unfortunately these terms are commonly and wrongly being used as synonyms.
Anyway, this doujin was great, I love it. Real art.
Anonymous 10 months ago #27346 Reply
I don't even know why people whine about this, can't people just... you know.. stop intertwining reality and fantasy, fiction and non-fiction? I'd like to keep my loli on 2d, on 3d, its just disgusting.
JC 10 months ago #27376 Reply
>>15679 @ Gyancardo
Actually it is the opposite, they avoided living and dying pitifully by making their dream a reality. Instead, they lived and died in a glorious way!
Anonymous 10 months ago #29151 Reply
i think yamazaki and akai have some problems
from youth.. family.. friends.. memories.. just like me
i hope happy end like eroge but it's just bad end..
hahaha what a sadness..
otakunoxxx 10 months ago #29378 Reply
The feel is too strong in the end (TT_TT)
Bankara 10 months ago #29537 Reply
This is the first hentai to make me feel for the protagonist, I mean sure they crossed the line and broke the number one golden rule, but at the end when they died I felt sooooo sad. Best lolicon duo hands down
rjimenez 10 months ago #30092 Reply
This is one of my fav hentais
Anonymous 10 months ago #31570 Reply
i love fucking loli rape!!!
Gusto 10 months ago #32749 Reply
This is crazy loli... Like badass!!
Looser 9 months ago #34977 Reply
first rape loli,, next is sad story T^T
God of Porn 9 months ago #35508 Reply
The friendship part was kinda beautiful...
God of Porn 9 months ago #35510 Reply
Kinda sad how they committed suicide together like that at the very end.... Not supporting rape but it was beautiful somehow...
panzercat39 9 months ago #35561 Reply
I love the style,though I prefer my loli willingly wanting it...that said fapped like crazy.
rjimenez 9 months ago #36383 Reply
>>36373 @ jo
I fapped to this at least over 9000 times & this is really tame compared to other hentai I fapped to.
No need to get so butthurt over fictional stuff on the internets & this is one of the best hentais
Guromantic 9 months ago #36521 Reply
>>36373 @ jo
Wrong with this planet is that there are some people (majority of people) who think they can dictate what other people should like and that they can achieve that by banning and repression. I recommend you to go to some normal porn site and fap to some famous worn pornstar, as this probably isnt good site for you. Yes, I fap to this, but its much more than just porn. This is work of art. And unlike you I think there can be NO limitations to art.
Anonymous 9 months ago #36760 Reply
i don't really like rapers(not rape hentai itself, but you know, the characters who do the rape), but the end got me crying a little... i feel a bit sad for those two
Anonymous 9 months ago #37145 Reply
Honestly, I think they must have died together. The way they were talking, it sounded like they took something with the alcohol to kill themselves with but I might also be mistaken.
ADx 9 months ago #37611 Reply
Evil and at the same time magnificent
cuppu 9 months ago #38237 Reply
the execution that wait for those bastards still worth all the pleasure~
Nikel Yozami! 9 months ago #38527 Reply
Esos debieron morir al final
puppydog 9 months ago #38998 Reply
Wow I'm surprised I enjoyed that too o.o
.Archonus 9 months ago #41066 Reply
one of theBEST loli i ever read!!!
Quzilax keep it up!!!
itsTh3end 9 months ago #41068 Reply
I'm surprised that I read it, /if it isn't good I'll finish it though. first, it's so erotic maybe.
but as I see it again and again. I start to lost the feel.
I can't let the girls cry. so pathetic of me
well, good story though about friendship but with the wrong preference, that's all
Anonymous 9 months ago #45794 Reply
HentaiKing it was pretty good and showed alot of jacked up parts that can happen to kids in real life and fapable 2
Anonymous 9 months ago #46417 Reply
loved it, though i kept hoping they'd eventually take one first grader, just one
FAkeD 9 months ago #46476 Reply
is that dry ice?
tendirdick 9 months ago #47512 Reply
im glad that guy knew that he was wrong... i mean it is only hentai, but still. that kind of stuff is pretty fucked up
Rivfader 8 months ago #50138 Reply
A wonderful and inspiring example for all of us.
Asantsana 8 months ago #50822 Reply
actually pretty strange but i could almost understand them
ppp82p 8 months ago #51023 Reply
WTF at the netorare tag.
>>51023 @ ppp82p
One of the females they raped had a boyfriend that they got rid of
ppp82p 8 months ago #52919 Reply
>>52284 @ Magic sword makoto
So this isn't netorare, but netori.
f.. 8 months ago #53195 Reply
This is saddist bullshit i've ever read. fuck.
gtyd4954 8 months ago #53200 Reply
Poor girls. Poor guys.
-Variant- 7 months ago #68850 Reply
Anonymous 7 months ago #70527 Reply
ew...why r u holding hands?
luciferxy 7 months ago #70817 Reply
Good drawing, as always by Quzilax.
I wish the the story could've been a happy sex or some sort, but in real world, things could turn out to be worse than this story.
Anonymous 7 months ago #74029 Reply
I think I know what it means to feel 'dirty' now. I'm not a particularly emotional guy and I never understood what people meant. It's like no matter how many hentai manga's I read, how many videogames I play, this Manga will not be unread. It will be there, in the back of my mind, reminding me that I read it. That it was, sick, twisted, and pervertedly beautiful. I don't think I can become clean again. I think I found that thing on the internet that officially killed that last little bit of innocence I had hiding in the darkest corner of my heart. I feel so dirty.
Anonymous 7 months ago #76628 Reply
Pretty fun
Anonymous 7 months ago #77827 Reply
ㄷㄷ사스가 쿠지락스
Dr.0 6 months ago #80521 Reply
Love it, great story, and great ending.
Anonymous 6 months ago #84839 Reply
Amazing one-shot, dramatic ending yet a sensitive relation between two guys who share the same dream.
Anonymous 6 months ago #86051 Reply
I didn't even notice the tape inside the car... man that ending was freaking great.


When I noticed what everyone else was noticing, it was easy to make the connection that they committed suicide through gas or something. The entire buildup to the end was amazing. A fitting end to a fucked up story that somehow had feels in it.
OhDamn 6 months ago #87105 Reply
Such feels...
Anonymous 6 months ago #87321 Reply
why did i read this.... i was going to fap tonight but i'm just going to head to bed instead
Bratov 6 months ago #87417 Reply
ohhhh it was awesome, thanks
Anonymous 6 months ago #89365 Reply
Kinda odd since it's like a dream xD
chevsenko 6 months ago #94102 Reply
Seriously? Its very looks that easy, but it never be like that
Anonymous 6 months ago #94604 Reply
Natsu_Yuki 6 months ago #96809 Reply
man these douchebags are fucked up, doing that to little girls, makes me sick, couldn't even finish reading this, though the first page made me lol but after that, it was like wtf 0_o...
sadly this shit happens in real life, we gotta stop this shit happening.
Jojo 5 months ago #98409 Reply
jeez I want elementry school girl too
Anon 5 months ago #101854 Reply
Anonymous 5 months ago #102073 Reply
Ohh college shenanigans!
Anonymous 5 months ago #102074 Reply
Ohh college shenanigans!
Anonymous 5 months ago #102075 Reply
A dream to rape lolis.... ohhh what a dream that is. Seriously though, move to like any 3rd world nation. Happens all the time.
NaughtyLoli 5 months ago #103233 Reply
>>26270 @ PENIS is HARD
Can I say thank you for saying that! It's hard to be a female enough. But not be a sexy older woman is bad. Thus, I have to look older. But when I'm with my boyfriend I become younger. It's hard to satisfy that in myself but I enjoy the desire that a male likes my petite younger body. Instead of a female that is older looking.
NaughtyLoli 5 months ago #103234 Reply
What I don't understand is why they don't find women that are the right age. That look have a Loli. However, I see the appeal in violation. It's hard to masturbate to this because I'm interested in how men work. Since I'm going to be a sex therapist. So this story is interesting.
Thunder 5 months ago #103598 Reply
>>103234 @ NaughtyLoli
I'm utterly confused considering the contradicting username to your statement.
I'm pretty sure I've commented on this like 50 times already but uhg this is literally one of my favorite manga ever. I wish quizilax made more stuff like this. I feel like the last couple of things uploaded to pururin was just standard gross loli rape. While this is also standard gross loli rape, it's got plot and characters that are actually really deep and uhg it makes me tear up and god I love this manga. I kind of want to write like a novel or something based off of it. I'd include an epilogue where the inevitable happens and one or both of them get arrested. Or maybe they'd commit suicide. Hmmmmmm. Ah I just want to explore this fabulous manga even more
wow I didn't even realize they committed suicide at the end I'm dumb but wow okay that's an even better way to end than the ambiguous way I thought it ended
Anonymous 5 months ago #105663 Reply
ho-holding hands... lewd
Anonymous 5 months ago #108591 Reply
Anonymous 5 months ago #109111 Reply
이런걸 로리콤이라 그러지
Anonymous 5 months ago #110294 Reply
It's interesting, keeping up the not-well-thought-out theme of their crime spree, in the end they don't seem to have really researched how the suicide method is supposed to work... and on top of it they then begin thinking of things they did not do. And the scene where they feel intimidated by the more street-smart 12y/o from the city... very clear characterization as losers. All the while with Quzilax's outstanding art style.
Anonymous 4 months ago #117474 Reply
Anonymous 4 months ago #122644 Reply
it was a 'WTF' manga -_-
Crimson_Vodka 4 months ago #124844 Reply
*fap fap fap
gumbart 4 months ago #126118 Reply
That was beautiful bromance
jimmystails 3 months ago #132978 Reply
It was a little hard to follow at times but still a very fun story. I always wonder who is more fucked up in the head the writer of such stories,or someone who keeps reading such stories to the end and then bitches about them like it hurts them so much! If you don't like this shit don;t read it.P.S. I loved the story: I just wish I could get away with it. I mean writing a story like it. Yeah that's what I mean. That's the ticket! He,He,Heeeeeeee!
Marty 3 months ago #134893 Reply
That was pretty hot, but if I met guys like these in real life I'd beat th shit out of them without hesitation.
Mentalist 3 months ago #135125 Reply
I love it when young girls get used and abused.
TaxMaster 3 months ago #136989 Reply
lolidoujin 3 months ago #137547 Reply
Lol WTF Were they Secretly gay???
Anonymous 3 months ago #137801 Reply
f'cough writer. how dare you make rape seem like friendship.
and f'cough anyone who thought this was touching.
MG Maou 3 months ago #138182 Reply
kinda turn off in the end...
Rona 3 months ago #138780 Reply
Awsome but i dont understand some of the text
Anonymous 3 months ago #138948 Reply
This is fucked up beyond all logical reason, I mean come on guys.
It's not like the author played this up the hentai way he played it up the real way, shit like this really happens THIS WAY. I mean i'm not against loli or anything (i.e shinobou) but this shit is sick. just because the guys were friends doesn't make it "sweet"
ReiHikari 3 months ago #140033 Reply
Sad and Angry at the same time, what a pity TT
Verizon 2 months ago #141545 Reply
This is some serious doujin logic right here. ._.
Verizon 2 months ago #141546 Reply
This is some serious doujin logic right here. ._.
alla 2 months ago #141860 Reply
i got poo now!
Anonymous 2 months ago #142102 Reply
an unexpected bromance...
adib 2 months ago #143008 Reply
this was absolutely the most disgusting piece of literature i have ever read,mostly because of the two fuckers ending the story like some great friendship instead of being disgusted by their actions.
Anonymous 2 months ago #143202 Reply
>>143008 @ adib
They killed themselves for a reason you know?
They knew they destroyed people's lives, and that they did a lot of horrible shit.
Humans are selfish. We are all driven by reward of some kind.
However, we also have feelings of compassion.
So they went all out, and killed themselves after, because they wouldn't be able to live with themselves for long.
Their morals and compassion were in a battle with their lust and their happiness.
I believe that they still felt bad for the girls the whole way through, and they didn't want to die as people who don't feel anything after horrific acts.

This was a surprisingly deep story, and by far my favourite doujin of all time.
Nononomous 2 months ago #145333 Reply
They really died ? y tought they were just drunk
raistlin666 2 months ago #146397 Reply
Thats True Love
Anonymous. 2 months ago #147694 Reply
maas4 2 months ago #148097 Reply
it was amazing dude!...nice one ^_^
Anonymous 2 months ago #149519 Reply
Well....that was....interesting.
jimmystales 2 months ago #151621 Reply
I just don't understand why one of those two chumps didn't fuck some of that fine, young, fourth and fifth grader booty hole! I know, given the chance, I'd make sure to get all up in that shit!! You can bet I'd plow that stuff, and pack their sweet, tight, little poopers, real good, if I were in those guy's places!! Ah yes, how I'd love to have the feel,and smell, of that fresh Loli do do on my dick,in the morning "yummy"!!!
Imbroglio 2 months ago #151999 Reply
Heartwarming stuff.
Anonymous 2 months ago #152321 Reply
Moral of the story; if you rape someone, go all out and then kill yourself afterwards. kek
human girl 2 months ago #154609 Reply
Did they kill themselves? Wow, I'd never think I would feel sad for a rapist.
Anonymous 2 months ago #154672 Reply
So twisted
hypertheory 2 months ago #155893 Reply
i don't understand much at the end, did they die while holding hands.... pretty twisted friendship that ends with a silent bang...
Morton 1 month ago #157393 Reply
10/10 would read again.
Also, feels.
That guy 4 weeks ago #165105 Reply
Huh, interesting. :/
Anonymous 2 weeks ago #169043 Reply
kill them..!!!
Woodensword 2 weeks ago #169658 Reply
Damnit, damnit, damnit.... I wish i had his guts.
GeeZee 4 days ago #172032 Reply
This was actually a pretty wonderful story.
The subject matter is horrible, but I think it was supposed to be.