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Master Zallace 6 months ago #18127 Reply
I love this ... a lot
Omega-Doujin 5 months ago #20234 Reply
I love Saigado works... His doujin are always hot!
Anonymous 5 months ago #23806 Reply
Ikari Yui is the best mom on the whole fucking planet
TheBorb 5 months ago #24732 Reply
awesome! never seen this one before, very well done, wished id watched genesis so it would be even hotter for me
J-Mon 5 months ago #25136 Reply
A mother's love knows no bound. She is even willing to provide her son's sexual needs when he reaches sexual maturity. She is also has her own selfish reason. The husband and father rarely comes home and she becomes sexually deprived. So she focus on caring her beloved son to forget her deprived sexual needs. But that changes when her son reaches sexual maturity. She decides to give her son sex education by allowing him to use her body for practice. In doing so, she is able to fulfill her own sexual needs.
Inuq21 3 months ago #42158 Reply
nice i hope more of this
tendirdick 3 months ago #43193 Reply
gawd, i wish my mom was hot like this
Syncmaster525 3 months ago #43476 Reply
One of my all-time favorite Artist!
Anonymous 3 months ago #44616 Reply
it's not bad at all.....don't see him getting a girl friend anytime soon.
StAraqiel 2 months ago #48690 Reply
Shinji's lucky to have a mom who has no problem expressing her love by letting him have sex with her.
Anonymous 3 weeks ago #72259 Reply
>>43193 @ tendirdick
You wouldn't do shit even if she was.
ZadeHeman 2 weeks ago #75031 Reply
Perfect mom and son story, great art
slowkiller 1 week ago #79280 Reply
that was hot vary good art