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redroses 2 years ago #20817 Reply
wow awesome!! is there a chance that the artist make the sequel?? this fantasy is so wild yet can be done in real life!!
Vrikolakas 9 months ago #154528 Reply
Anonymous 8 months ago #157014 Reply
this was excellent, this was devoid of all the typical misogyny, unsafe sex, and generally gross tropes found in most hentai. the sex was enjoyable, it was good, it was ultimately quite liberating and something the female characters actually wanted, plus hana was an wonderful protagonist. 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!
Black990 7 months ago #175371 Reply
Tenryuu Oba-san 6 months ago #183827 Reply
Im really impressed with this piece. All those great scenes with an oryginal and interesting story :3 Also this realism o.o
Anonymous 5 months ago #194865 Reply
Damn, it's really good.
Anonymous 4 months ago #196712 Reply
Don't get me wrong, this was hot as hell and different from the norm, but to say this was a misogyny-free story of empowered females is ridiculous. The entire female cast (aside from the main character) were coaxed into escalating sexuality by the horn-dog males who were at every step crossing the boundary that the females set to keep themselves safe. The constant spying, extortion, manipulation, and other attempts to raise the stakes despite outright protests by the female cast, not to mention the group of males who got away with attempted rape with a simple apology, makes this a story firmly set in the perspective of a male power-fantasy and not in the least a liberating tale of consensual sexual exploration.

Which is fine, it didn't attempt to be more than what it is, and in the end it was just hot exhibitionist porn.
Anonymous 3 months ago #203730 Reply
This was hot! I really like that she does it with her schoolmates. Keep up the good work! :)
Don't generally care for exhibitionism but this was excellent.