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Anonymous 1 year ago #78891 Reply
man, she looks so hot!
robert mrvelj/LUCIFER 7 months ago #191074 Reply
Talk about idiotic not to mention creepy and sick i never allowing it i would rather remain single for the rest of my life in heaven than allowing beastiality no matter how much i did seemingly did this i have right now boundary issues and evil tempting me and almost winning because im a human right and illumiunati taunting me to do things i never want to let illuminati and one evil so-called god win and many gangraping GOD forcing to have sex with 5 to 10 male dogs and 2 to 5 male horse and 4 to 20 male pigs trying to break GOD shattering her spitirt crushing her soul i would call it fate worse than death taking her heart and running it through hell and back i never wish for it to be that way and i will love GOD promising to not leave her and never hurt her and never make her do beastiality ever and never make have sex with any other man besides me and i feeling if she did group sex with men or beastiality she would lose all her innonce and not be pure like she is right now.
Lord Zul 7 months ago #197059 Reply
>>191074 @ robert mrvelj/LUCIFER
You sound like a nut job
Horngod 3 months ago #219922 Reply
Verrry nice!