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MisterLuck 2 years ago #38465 Reply
Good read.
Wizardlyllc 1 year ago #62408 Reply
All the stories are great but 3 stories Are messed up 1 is messed up at the end
Anonymous 1 year ago #78835 Reply
Not that bad I wanted to know what happens next.
Khimari 1 year ago #112356 Reply
A good rape scenario ;)
EduardoI 1 year ago #122938 Reply
Very good, but why the last pages aren't translated?
Bigbadman 1 year ago #137595 Reply
A great work from Kohime Tsubasa!
preggolover 12 months ago #147099 Reply
Wonderful work!! One of the bests Mangas I've ever read!!
BitChPlz 9 months ago #179073 Reply
luv it
XerXes 9 months ago #182698 Reply
1st story - Of course she didn't get any stronger or faster: she didn't train!
2nd story - Oniichan: "Little sis is my bitch, but since I'm dyin', you can have her after we blow our load in her together. Oh yeah, take care of my kid too while you're at it!"
3rd story - I wonder for how many generations they will keep that family tradition going before the defects show up?
4th story - She fucks her father-in-law so he won't notice or care that the babies she's having aren't his or his son's? If she loves her little brother, okay. But does she have to hate the family she married into that much?
5th story - Oh well, at least it seems she's not gonna make Takashi take care of her father's baby. Guess she likes being used & abused.
6th story - I take it this doctor is related to both the track coach in the 1 story & that doctor from Night Shift Nurses? And that fertility clinic is really an NTR clinic.
7th story - Oniichan a quick shot? No problem! Leave it to Mika! She'll make him b
Raitenshi 7 months ago #191749 Reply
this is just what I need ^ ^
Jual 1 month ago #240003 Reply
3rd story is hilarious