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whiterice 11 months ago #2167 Reply
why is this hot
mmmm 7 months ago #11529 Reply
it just is bro it just is
Anonymous 7 months ago #11660 Reply
Ohh..that endin..'~'
Anonymous 7 months ago #12537 Reply
I came 12 times while reading this
PhilASSoraptor 7 months ago #13943 Reply
Yes, Dat Ass.
Anonymous 6 months ago #14484 Reply
Too short but nice
Anonymous 6 months ago #14906 Reply
You mean to tell me he evolved /twice/ just out of pure anger? >.> Then why the fuck do people spend hours trying to level him up when all you have to do is abandon him?
OakBall 6 months ago #17625 Reply
>>14906 @ Anonymous
Because everyone that has tried that method has either done missing or turned up dead
b133d_4_u 6 months ago #17751 Reply
i like the ending lol
DreadMaster 5 months ago #20009 Reply
Serial R.ist 5 months ago #24296 Reply
This leaves all of us at a Cliffhanger
I need this
Touchpad 4 months ago #28786 Reply
>>2167 @ whiterice
Because Tepig is a fire-type.
Anonymous 4 months ago #31242 Reply
I guess you could say that was...onixpected.
The Monk 3 months ago #40967 Reply
Oh haha yeah I know
Greed27 3 months ago #41011 Reply
I felt sorry for the pig thingny. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves everything she gets.
Anonymous 3 months ago #41635 Reply
This is kind of netorare, no? I'm adding it to the tags. Awesome work! Sometimes I'm in the mood for terrible people lol.
sertikos 2 months ago #48738 Reply
nice !!
really? 2 months ago #51778 Reply
people who like this digusting thing are crazy
why you guys like this? i dont get it
Oldman 2 months ago #55208 Reply
>>51778 @ really?
ITs a fuking hentai site for christs sake
Anonymous 2 months ago #57842 Reply
>>31242 @ Anonymous
RedDragonBoi 1 month ago #60182 Reply
The art could be better, it almost looks like sketches at some points. The storytelling is good, granted so far it is just porn level. You know just enough to glue the sexual images to tether coherently, but hey that is fairly normal for the genre right?
man of plot 1 month ago #64953 Reply
fuck yeah beat the shit out of her
Justmy2cents 2 weeks ago #74946 Reply
Teh ending is just: wtf?
Neo-cha 4 days ago #83276 Reply
I dont like it. Like, shes a B****