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blackswordsman 2 months ago #130871 Reply
Not gonna lie... the technicians giving a play-by-play commentary of Shinji and Asuka getting down and dirty nearly killed me. LMAO~! XD
Love Our Loli 2 months ago #130873 Reply
>>130871 @ blackswordsman
That's the best approach to being a voyeur.
ThatOneFaggot 2 months ago #130889 Reply
Will there be a humor tag added soon?
Booger 2 months ago #130893 Reply
This is the best thing. Everything else can stop now. Go home everyone, we're done.
This art is brettygud I r8 8.88/8
agungayam 2 months ago #131256 Reply
best doujin i have ever read, so goddamn epic
Ash Catch'em 2 months ago #132507 Reply
"The penis has gone silent" made me crack
Bigbadman 2 months ago #135106 Reply
I always thinked that the plugsuit was of one-piece.
Anonymous 2 months ago #137899 Reply
I love crossdressing story!!!!!!!!!!!
Akuserarēta 4 weeks ago #151353 Reply
I've recently been watching the anime and this is just pure gold!
Oberst_Klappstuhl 1 week ago #162646 Reply
From up to page 20, this feels like an actual episode of NGE!
The lines are so brilliant. "The penis has gone completely silent"
"piston motion commenced"
This work is hillarious.
Oberst_Klappstuhl 1 week ago #162648 Reply
And why is the eva or plugsuit is designed to verify ejaculation and amount of semen?
And why is pussy accepted. The suitable term there would be vagina.
Oberst_Klappstuhl 1 week ago #162649 Reply
Poor Maya btw