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Anonymous 1 year ago #40183 Reply
Ta weno ^^
Super King 1 year ago #76456 Reply
pure awesomeness
biocanon 1 year ago #79192 Reply
The love between two sisters, amazing
Anonymous 1 year ago #88323 Reply
kawaii sisters!!
Bang Bang Bang Schkew 9 months ago #138373 Reply
Youve given birth to two beautiful twins!....
Bigbadman 9 months ago #141530 Reply
Ahh, the little girls curiosity, this a realy cute doujin!
Anonymous 8 months ago #149411 Reply
so cute :3
Anonymous 7 months ago #165260 Reply
damn that sister was in complete control
Fappuchino 6 months ago #175772 Reply
Lol at the ending.
Mephisto 2 weeks ago #216170 Reply
My only problem with this is that it really felt like the older sister was the younger out of the two and that takes me out of it. I realize a bit of contrivance is needed for this kind of story to actually happen, but it felt like Illya from fate stay night was trying to convince a young girl to have sex with her and i don't think that was the effect the author was going for. though i doubt the author will read this.
Feel free posting, but unless i get called back to this years later i probably won't read the reply